Kate + Ben | Anniversary Session at Veritas Vineyard, VA

An invitation. Old friends. Great wine. Mountain vineyard views. Live music. A warm summer night.

This is our evening to drink it all in.

Recently, Matt and I spent an evening with our long-time friends, Kate and Ben, at Veritas. They have shared in a lot of sincere celebrating with us, through all kinds of seasons. You know the ones: the calm, easy, quiet moments of every day life, the ones in which you just hang on for dear life in the storm, and the everything in between. We’ve known each other for almost a decade, and this year Kate & Ben are celebrating a 5th wedding anniversary! (Cheers to that!) It’s hard to believe we’ve known each other for this long, that their wedding day was already several YEARS ago. Time moves swiftly. But oh, have we enjoyed the refinement of our friendships and marriages over the years, like an exquisitely fine wine paired with a good hunk of aged cheese. (Pretty sure B+K are the fine wine!)

Matt and I are delighted to congratulate our friends on their fifth anniversary this year, and I’m happy to share some photos we snapped to remember it. As I looked through theses images, recalling the promises, love, and dreams they had five years ago, I also think how those same ideas been sculpted, rearranged, pruned, and re-imagined. We couldn’t have mapped out this adventure for you two, even if we tried. (Am I right, Stutzhaus ladies?) I am so honored to call you both friends. I am inspired by the values in your marriage and your commitment to one another. I root hard for you as a couple; continue to love each other well, even in the trenches of graduate school and beyond. You are loved, dear friends.

Happy Anniversary.

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